3 thoughts on “Reservoir Dogs – Mr Blonde Dancing Scene / Ear Scene – We know you just can’t forget this one!

  1. Hey everyone, I just decsovired this amazing site a few hours ago I just wanted to ask everyone here, with absolutely no offense intended, did you all see the films with the Vega’s brother in them ???????As another article clearly points out, and a fact which is EXPLICITELY in these two films, Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, the Vega’s brother’s both get shot dead in both films .Hence making it a definitely impossible film to make, for all too obvious reasons .I’m quite surprised you all got hooked into believing that rumor.Plus, they mean to say that they are too old looking for the sheer fact that making a film prior to their respective assasinations unplausible, and I truly believe Quentin has too much perfectionism as a director to make a gross error like casting these characters in a pre-murdered setting .Seems relevant ??

    • i think the last thing we need right now is aneohtr movie about war, sure its not just aneohtr movie, its a QT movie, but personaly I think it’ll be a better move for him to go back to what he does best. Fuck it i just need to see this movie, or at least the characters again.

  2. that it will not be coming out for a long time bscuaee it is an epic. I think that I’ve heard that QT doesn’t want to jump into another epic right after Kill Bill so this could happen. I really would like to see this film made bscuaee I loved those characters and I think it would be the best movie ever made if Vic and Vincent were on the same screen at the same time.

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