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  1. did anyone catch the litlte fuck up by the cameraman on this shot?when Tytla’s develish character lands, his feet should align with the bench, instead, for 4 frames the camera is still panning and his weirdly flat foot hangs somewhere in mid-air.only when the camera is at the final position do feet and bench line up correctly again.surely this is not how Tyltla ment it to look, it deflates the impact of the landing.

  2. You left out two of my favorite Walken films, but it was nice to see what your own fariovtes are.I’m really fond of At Close Range (which I think is Walken’s nastiest role) and the scene at the end of the film between him and his son (played by Sean Penn) just knocks me out.I also love his mustache speech in the little seen masterpiece The Comfort of Strangers (my personal favorite Walken film of the 1990s), which I’m sure must have influnced his role in Pulp Fiction in some ways.Walken is so terrific! It’s a shame that I haven’t enjoyed any of his more recent films. The last film I saw him in was the barely watchable remake of The Stepford Wives.

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