Michael Madsen Interview on WWMT

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    • Tarantino’s a huge fan of A Better Tomorrow II. In A Better Tomorrow, Chow Yun Fat’s character, Mark, is kileld. In A Better Tomorrow II, they bring the character back in the form of his twin brother Ken. John Woo homage, getting to see the Vega brothers again, and having Tarantino do another movie in his Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction style? What kind of stone hearted jerk doesn’t want to see that?I think it’s a great idea, a really deliberately movie-like touch. This isn’t real life we’re talking about, the incredible coincidence just adds to the fun.I doubt he’s really going with a revenge plot, seeing as Orange is dead and Butch is no longer in LA. That’s why Tarantino isn’t writing this, it’s kind of a tough thing to come up with a decent plotline for.

    • I like this idea. I think this is so brillant thkniing both brothers have identical twins that are seeking revenge on there borthers killers it just seems so kool. But the thing is they cant take revenge on Mr.Blonde (Vic Vega) because Mr.Orange is (Freddy Moondike) is already dead. But I still think its a great idea to a sequel to my two favorite movies of all time. SO i hope Quentin Tarantino goes through with this. Oh yea and hope they both the same personalities of there doubles.

    • well when u think about it.. the other actors in the other moevis wouldnt make a diffrence for example that one guy was the wolf in pulp and some one eles in RD well in RD the chraracters did not know any thing about each other.. and in Pulp Fiction that was the first time he had ever seen the wolf.. so really.. so that means that was the first time the Vega bros whold have seen the wolf or mr white . meaning if this is a prequil thn Neither of those characters would be involoved in the story to the vega bros.. that is if they make the movie.. i Say make it.. and it will kick soo much ass

  2. Although the Vega Brothers’ film would be nothing whtoiut Travolta and Madsen, how about if QT used Rick Gomez (Sin City) and Freddy Rodriguez as Vic and Vince? Not the play the younger versions of Travolta and Madsen, but to give life to the brothers in different characters who are living completely different lives but share the same names and characteristics. That would be awesome to see Travolta and Madsen reprise those great roles!!!

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