Michael Madsen Interview by David Christopher Lee

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  1. I love this guy. You can tell a lot about his personality from his face and psrutoe. He reminds me a bit of the Nintendo character Waluigi.That leads me to think that just about all of the videogame characters people remember (Mario, Sonic, etc.) were designed by world-class designers who drew upon the principles of the old animators; and that good design transcends mediums, and even when you are working with a limited 8-bit pixel display, good design doesn’t become less necessary but more. Mario became as iconic as Mickey Mouse because he was designed like Mickey Mouse. (And Sonic is a recolor of Felix the Cat with spiky hair and sneakers.)Nowadays videogame players are treated to awful character designs like Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft, etc. And people wonder why they pine for the good ole days of 8-bit, and don’t connect with the stuff emitted today. They balk when Nintendo makes a cartoony Zelda which is fun to look at and play, and so now we have angsty emo Zelda.

    • or he just likes fucking with us. If Tarantino waetnd to make that prequel he would’ve done it at least five years ago. And that twin idea may have worked out if it was one of them but saying both characters have thier own twin and also happen to have the same last name is just pure lunacy. I could believe that Madsen is just setting up a prank that might happen, like maybe one of Tarantino’s fake trailers in Grindhouse will be The Vega Bros. with that completely insane twin idea and they get Travolta and Madsen to star in the trailer. Now that would be hilarious and genius. A little jab at the delusional QT fans.Any-hoo, I think we should stay focused on Grindhouse and Inglorious Bastards. And pray for awesome I.G. casting. I hope Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi can get their hands on some more Tarantino dialogue.

      • The twins of vincent and vic are conmig to LA to avenge their brothers killers. it would be a stupid movie because The guy that killed Vic Vega was Mr Orange and Mr Orange was shot by nice guy eddie. and bruce willis killed vincent it would be really pointless two brothers chasing after one man. woulnd’t u say

      • If QT actually read this list of raingnts im sure he’d be a tad disappointed with the intelligence of his audience.right, why would he want to link 2 movies with a construct that opens up holes in both those movies?and yes, he is an amazing director, but hes also good because he doesnt just throw any old piece of crap out there for us to watch.were all fans, we love his work, this would lead me to believe he knows what hes doing, so why the hell beg like idiots? if he doesnt like the idea he wont do it, and its for that reason that most of us respect him.

  2. Exactly. Thats another thing, doing a film like that is a big step bcdkwaras for a guy with QTs talents. The fans want him to see him do diff genres, not sequel and prequels to films from 10+ years ago. I personally want to see him make Inglorious Bastards, then spy sci fi films in the future.

  3. When I first heard about The Vega Brothers Movie (the possibility of it being made) I was COMPLETELY Ecstatic! I relaly don’t give a S*!#* how old Michael Madsen and John Travolta are they are still freakin’ HOT! I’m sure almost any Girl will agree that they are especially if you are a Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs fan. Vick Vega and Vincent Vega are AWESOME characters (Mr.Blonde is my Favorite Tarentino Character)! Any TRUE Fan of Tarentino’s work would LOVE to see this movie made, regardless of what others might think and regardless of how old these guys are. And hey they are not THAT old! Ha Ha!!!

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