3 thoughts on “Michael Madsen at Festival Cannes 2014 Red Carpet (Private Video Collection)

  1. Gets more exciting as it gets cloesr. Not sure how the screenings/carpets work – do we know if the On The Road cast is going to have a formal red carpet as well? I would think so, yes?

    • i agree with the rest of you all, tarantino is a fukin great dtrocier and writer i love all of his movies will continue to be a big fan i have just recently jumped on the qt band wagon but i wish i would of been following him years ago ..i wish he had more acting roles is just me or in pulp fiction during the bonnie situation .is qt just fukin hilirious i could not stop laughin after his everyline . ahh here ya go mr. woolfe .ahhh fuk i luv it what u guys think?

  2. dude, i just fucking saw naarutl born killers the other day, and that fucking flick is fucked up I LOVED IT but i see why QT dissowned it. it would have been totally bitchin if micky and molory just killed people for the hell of it instead of like giving them a reason i dunno i just thought it was awesome .

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