Michael Madsen: “I don’t walk the Streets Thinking I’m Michael Madsen”

  By Jack Giroux   @JackGi   “So, being Michael Madsen and all, how intimidated are people when they meet you?” is a question I’ve read in most of the interviews with actor Michael Madsen. It’s understandable, to extent. He’s played some imposing figures during his career, but it’s called acting for a reason. Walking in the hotel room to interview…

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Michael Madsen Is a Busy Bad Guy

The most threatening actor in Hollywood discusses his new projects with Quentin Tarantino and Ben Stiller. By DAVID ECKSTEIN Michael Madsen is a busy man. In addition to working on 10 independent features over the last few months, the quintessential Hollywood bad guy is preparing to team up for the fourth time with Quentin Tarantino…

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